Sunday, August 10, 2014

Israeli Mass Media Portrays Gaza Massacre as Charming Summertime Project for Twenty-Somethings

Heeding the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel often takes immense courage, but it also means that in the future, thousands of innocent lives may be spared.
Writing messages on bombs used to kill civilians in Gaza.

Recently, marches in Tel Aviv blocked streets while Israeli youths chanted in favor of mass death amounting to genocide: [1]
They’ll take their papers away.
Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé
In Gaza there’s no studying
No children are left there…
Another young Israeli bragged that he killed 13 children in Gaza.  He used instagram to further threaten the deaths of more people. [2]

A chilling video emerges

This chilling video emerged[3], showing soldiers joyously playing games and eating sushi take-out. Flirty girls who need “refreshing” with outdoor hair-washes appear as if they are just one step above a girl-scout camp trip away from mom and dad. (0:55 Yes, they even [my parents] came to visit).

This Israeli media video report depicts Israeli mass murderers as normal. [1] Upbeat music accompanies this video, created for Israel public consumption, and released on 3 Aug 2014 via Israeli Channel 2 in Hebrew. The BDS movement has added English subtitles to expose the blatant disregard for human life as seen on the pert -often jovial- faces of these young Israelis participating in genocide.
At 1:17 an Israeli female soldier confirms she with the other 20 female soldiers in that particular military base fire missiles on Gaza every 2 minutes. With such frequency for sure these female soldiers are committing war crimes in which Palestinian babies and mothers are being massacred.
Their pleasure in destroying Gaza is shown in their facial expression and language, as well as the messages they inscript on the bombs.
From 2:45 the Israeli propaganda film shows the most banal messages being inscripted on the bombs that will kill Palestinians in Gaza.
At 2:57 one of the male soldiers tells about having a birthday (translation: "My birthday, birthday 24, she dedicated a bomb for me" and shows a very long hand written message on a bomb and concludes with "Fantastic.”)
At 3:03 one of the female soldiers tells about another bomb message:
"On this one I wrote this for not having a shower for a week"
(Hebrew: "על זאת כתבתי: 'זה על זה שלא התקלחתי שבוע")

Almost manic happiness as IOF soldiers bomb Gaza and play games.
Would any conscientious musician really want to appease and entertain these mass murderers?  When artists and others ignore the Palestinian call for boycott, the message is clear to these young Israeli war criminals:  Business as usual.  We are not being held to account for our crimes.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Internationals Won't Appear at Israeli Boom Box Festival: Event Completely Cancelled

Boycott Israel:  Wyclef Jean with wife Claudinette
Israeli fans of Wyclef Jean won't be rocking while Gaza is burning on August 14 in Hadera, Israel. The entire Boom-Box Festival has been cancelled.  Boom Box organizers claim they will reschedule the event, but international musicians of conscience are urged to join the cultural boycott of Israel and commit to NOT rescheduling.  
Boom Box organizers have openly declared their support for IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) soldiers that are brutally massacring hundreds of children in Gaza.  Boom Box organizers are happy to mix music with Israeli pro-Zionist politics.

Boom Box Mixing Music with Ethnic Cleansing 
Boom Box had also featured US Rapper Talib Kweli.  On July 1, Kweli used twitter to publicly announce his choice to honor the cultural boycott of Israel.  Using twitter, he announced “As much as I want to play Israel, I have decided not to in solidarity with Palestinians who will not have access to my show."[1]

Normalization and Denial of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing 

Last April, Wyclef Jean joined with Israeli musician David Broza to create a video for "peace."  Jean sings in the opening track "Same face in the Gaza is the same face I see out in California." [2] Except the Gaza face is being torn apart or burnt by the Israeli face.  The faces of over 400 (that number climbs every day) beautiful Palestinian children have been frozen in death by the Israelis.  Jean's effort in co-creating "East Jerusalem - West Jerusalem" is categorized as normalization.  Israel's crime of apartheid and ethnic cleansing is denied and the Palestinian call for solidarity through the cultural boycott of Israel is ignored.  

Israel:  No Place to Headline

All artists, including Wyclef Jean, are urged to refrain from playing in Israel.  They are encouraged to join people of conscience everywhere who advocate for the cultural boycott of Israel.  
[1]  and

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lana Del Rey is Being Asked to Respect the Boycott of Israel

(July 27, 2014)  Lana Del Rey is being asked to respect the boycott of Israel, as called for by the majority of Palestinian Civil Society. A new facebook page titled Lana Del Rey, Don't Endorse Apartheid Israel's Violence states:
"American singer, Lana del Rey is expected to perform in today's Sun City --Tel Aviv, Israel in August 2014, at the Nokia Arena, tickets for Lana Del Rey are on sale now. It is especially pertinent that Lana cancel her gig and respect calls for a boycott of Israel, given that Israel is massacring hundreds of children and innocent civilians in Gaza, an inescapable open-air prison. We seek to let Lana know about the reasons for a boycott on this page."

Monday, July 21, 2014

Massive Attack Shows Support for Gaza at Longitude 2014

(Marlay Park, Ireland) Several tweets following Massive Attack's set at Dublin's Longitude Festival confirmed the band's strong support for Gaza.  Safe From Harm was performed to graphic images from Gaza.  The Irish Mirror reported that during Unfinished Sympathy, graphics and music paused to display the number of lives lost in Gaza.  Massive Attack was featured at the three day festival as the closing act on the main stage.

In 2010, Robert Del Naja affirmed his commitment to the cultural boycott of Israel in an interview with William Parry:
“I think musicians have a major role to play," Del Naja says. "I find the more I get involved, the more the movement becomes something tangible. I remember going to 'Artists Against Apartheid' gigs, and 'Rock Against Racism' gigs around the same sort of time. Bands like the Clash and the Specials had a lot to do with influencing the minds of the youth in those days."[1]

[1] The Silent Treatment
see also "More from Robert Del Naja on the Israel Boycott"

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Israeli Trance Scene: Isle of Dreams is Just a Dream

Israeli trance fans won't revel in trance music this August with Avicii, Maxwell, Afrojack, Above & Beyond, Alesso, R3hab, Ingrosso and tens of others.  
The Isle of Dreams trance music festival planned for August 7, 8, and 9 in Israel has been cancelled.  Trance music is immensely popular in Israel, and this was a highly anticipated festival featuring the top names in trance music.  Several trance artists have been called on to boycott Israel since the inception of Trance Addicts Against Apartheid in 2013.  The cancellation is welcome by boycott activists because it gives artists more time to learn about Palestine and the BDS movement and decide not to reschedule if they choose to.  It also allows Israeli trance fans to realize in a concrete way that life and trance music do not go on as usual when Israel massacres hundreds of refugees in Gaza.  

According to Trance Addicts Against Apartheid: "...the scale and influence [of trance music] is so massive that the country [Israel] is now credited with being the birthplace of "Full on", a form of psychedelic trance. While freedom of expression and a jubilant state of mind sit at the heart of trance music, Israel is anything but to Palestinians whose daily lives are subject to an apartheid system that denies them the basic rights and freedoms to live on their lands, to mobility, to education among other denied rights. Trance's deep roots in Israel have only helped to normalize Israel's false image among trance artists and trance fans as a country that is progressive, democratic, ordinary, and peaceful. Israel's list of violations of human rights go unnoticed. Israel's continuing siege on Gaza and control of the West Bank subjects millions of people to a cruel, unjust system of oppression that has been called worse than South Africa's former apartheid."

America, Thanks for not playing Israel.

Folk rock band "America" will not be entertaining Israeli fans on August 7 as planned.  They are best known for their 1970's hit "Horse with No Name."  All cancellations are welcome.  Cancellations allow musicians more time to learn about the plight of the people under siege in Gaza, the call for boycott, and the many reasons BDS is effective as a method to achieve justice for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and as refugees.

Thank "America" for their cancellation on their official facebook page, and let them know about the call by Palestinian Civil Society for the boycott of Israel at

A representative at the band's management group in Los Angeles, California could not comment on the specific reason for their cancellation.  Their booking agent could not be contacted.  

Friday, July 11, 2014

OPEN LETTER: Roger Waters asks Neil Young to Support the Boycott of Israel

"Enough is enough".
In January this year I wrote a private letter to Neil Young, it was sent via his manager Elliot Roberts' email, I never received a reply of any kind.
More recently I spoke openly about The Rolling Stones performing in Tel Aviv.
In light of the appalling recent events in Israel and Gaza and my dismay at the the lack of any response from our governments and in a final appeal to Neil's possible attachment to the rights of all human beings, not just the disenfranchised natives of North America, but all human beings all over the world, I am publishing that letter now.
Here it Is.

Dear Neil Young.

There are rumors flying about that you are considering doing shows in Tel Aviv this year.

The picket lines have been crossed in this last year by one or two lightweights from our community but no one of your stature. Woody Guthrie would turn in his grave. Neil Young! You are one of my biggest heroes, you are one of a very short list, you, John Lennon, Woody Guthrie, Huddy Ledbetter, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday and, like some others, but not many, your songs have always been redolent of love and humanity and compassion for your fellow man and woman. I find it hard to believe that you would turn your back on the indigenous people of Palestine. That you would lend support to, and encourage and legitimize, with your presence, a colonial apartheid regime, largely settled from Europe, that seeks to confine the native people of the land, either in exile or in second class status in reservations and ghettos. 

Please, brother, tell me it ain't so.

As I recall, back in the day, along with the rest of us (Stevie van Zandt, Bruce, Led Zep etc etc etc etc)  you would not "Play In Sun City" I am asking you to stand on the same moral ground now. The late, great, Nelson Mandela lives on in us, we cannot let him down. He was explicit in his position and I quote, " We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians".  It is time for "Rock Against Racism" to show some of it's muscle by refusing to lend our names to the whitewashing of the illegal colonization of Palestinian land and the systematic oppression of its indigenous people. Unfortunately the opposition lobby has a lot of muscle too. They spend millions on their "Hasbara"(If like me you have no Hebrew)”Explaining” or to you and me "Propaganda". The propaganda machine is well oiled and ruthless. We, on the other hand, have only our commitment to non-violent resistance to lie down in front of the IDF caterpillar tractors that would raze the native people from the land of Palestine. We stand with those people, and with all the brave people of Israel and Palestine, Jewish and Arab alike who oppose The Israeli Governments brutal policies. We stand with Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who gave her life under the caterpillar's tracks. Please join me and countless other artists all over the world in solidarity with the oppressed and the disenfranchised. It is time to heed the peoples call. People like The Bedouin, the nomadic people of the Negev in the arid south of Israel, please research their plight, one village, Al-Araqib has been destroyed 63 times by IDF Bulldozers. If you are in doubt about any of this, I will go with you to Palestine, and Israel, if they’ll let me in, you will see what I have seen, and then let us figure out the right thing to do.

By the way I watched your Bridge School concert on YouTube last year, it was very moving, you were, of course magnificent. You had asked me to perform, and as I explained to your management, I would have gladly done so had I not already been committed to The Wall Tour in Europe and Stand Up For Heroes in New York. This year I will be pleased and proud to come and support you if you call. 

With respect, and love.

Roger Waters.

Fyi. Nice Christmas present.

Bedouin Village Demolished For 63rd Time
Thursday December 26, 2013 18:18 by Chris Carlson - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group

For the 63rd time, Israeli forces have demolished the Bedouin village of al-Araqib, in the Negev, Thursday morning.

A Ma’an reporter in Beersheba said that bulldozers, escorted by 25 police patrols, raided the village at 9 a.m. and demolished all of its steel houses.

“Forces of demolition and destruction raided our village in the morning and demolished our houses, for the 63rd time. This is a barbarian assault, as they left residents homeless during wintry weather,” local resident Aziz Sayyah al-Touri told Ma’an.  He highlighted that the assault has come following the Israeli announcement to abandon the Prawer Plan in displacing Negev Bedouins. Bedouins claim the are as their ancestral lands, while Israel considers al-Araqib and all Bedouin villages in the Negev illegal. There are about 260,000 Bedouin in Israel, mostly living in and around the Negev, in the arid south. More than half live in unrecognized villages without utilities, with many living in extreme poverty.

Google “Prawer plan” and follow a few links, you may catch a glimpse of the tip of an extremely large and terrifying iceburg.

Neil, we’re talking about the occupation, subjugation, dispossession, eviction, ghettoization and possible eventual eradication of a nation.

You, more than most should find this, taboo, story, more than a little disquieting.