Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Jello Biafra,

(above, the "Barby" concert venue, another facet of the Israeli PR machine, designed to normalize apartheid)

Jello, did you think that your audience for your July 2 concert in Tel Aviv would include members from the group "Anarchists Against The Wall?"  according to this video that I recently saw that is "all over" the internet now, they are not interested in hearing you.  
Jello, you were asked to come play in Israel.  You did not wake up one day and decide, "Hmm, I think I will schedule a gig for myself in Israel, so that I can break the boycott call, and then maybe change Israeli society."  
Jello, it may seem that a small venue, that is "radical" asked you out of sheer defiance to their oppressive government.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Barby, had hosted dozens of very pro-Israel and completely Zionist bands.  The Barby is part of the Israeli effort to re-Brand Israel.  Israel is currently acting in a frenzy of desperation to create a false image of itself to the world, which is all based on lies.  Recently, Napalm Death gave in to the Israeli PR machine.  The gears turn and many many artists are asked to play in Israel, many say no.  Although it is not public, Green Day has been asked to play in Israel by hundreds of privileged Israelis who reside in the sector of the apartheid state that is designated for Jews only.  Green Day either did not respond, by ignoring the invitations, or they said no privately.  But they were definitely asked during both their 2010 and current 2011 tour.  You, also were asked.  You can still refrain from playing.  No one is asking you to create a Freedom For Palestine hit single, no one is asking you to really do anything.  You are being asked to just not play a concert, in order to respect the call of the oppressed Palestinians.  
If you are still not sure that the Israeli PR machine works day and night cranking out schemes to make Israel appear normal, just examine that latest effort by the war criminal president Shimon Peres and "Shakira, Inc."  That partnership, along with UNICEF, will serve the apartheid regime very well for at least a few weeks to come.  
Jello, people truly committed to justice are almost ready to set sail on the Freedom Flotilla 2, risking their very lives for the children of Palestine.  Not one of the participants were asked to set sail.  They each woke up one day and said, "Hmm, this is what I think I will do to contribute to furthering justice for the oppressed Palestinians."  
One more thing, what did you think of Egyptian celebrity Tamer Hosny, when he cried?  He was standing firmly with the Mubarak Regime, opposing the Revolution.  He was paraded on State TV as well.  Later he changed his mind and cried for the cameras.  He still remains a pariah among all of Egypt, and especially among those who fought for freedom in Cairo on that Bloody Day just last January 25.  Make no mistake that you will be a part of the Israeli PR campaign. 

(1) Egyptian celebrities who backed Mubarak become pariahs