Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BDS Morocco resists Normalization Urges Exclusion of Israel at Agriculture Exhibition

The initiative of my DS and Morocco after receiving the news of cancellation of Oriental Dance Festival in Marrakech, organized by the dancer from the Zionist entity brazenly defending the positions of Zionism,
- Expresses its satisfaction with the retreat of those responsible and salutes all those who contributed from near or far in the pressure on these bodies expose in its attempts to deepen relations with the Zionist racist regime at all levels, this time under the banner of art.

- Reflect the initiative of my DS Morocco in particular, has expressed its condemnation to display some brokers and unscrupulous merchants - at the exhibition of Siam-Salon International de L'Agriculture  held in Meknes during this week (25-29 April)- for the products produced by companies Zionist origins of Palestinian land stolen, and 

-We condemn the participation of a Moroccan delegation in the International Agriculture Conference in Tel Aviv  between 15 and 17 May 2012.

- Condemning the initiative my DS Morocco multiplicity of events that welcome the Moroccan authorities Bmanla the land of Palestine, another example is to accept the post player coming from the Zionist entity league tennis Fes ...

- Calls on all national forces and created the Moroccan civil society to respond to the call of Palestinian civil society organizations to boycott 2005 "Israel", divestment and sanctions (known as the call BDS)
To form a bulwark against the Zionist apartheid regime.

April 24, 2012