Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Eleven that Have the Great Opportunity to Stand for Justice

These groups/artists who plan to play for the Israeli government-sponsored Tel Aviv White City musician roundup (see all have the amazing opportunity to stand up for justice.  By choosing to refrain from playing in Israel, they can be part of the solution to the problem of racism, inequality, and denial of human rights that Palestinians face daily.  Even if an artists does not agree with the goals of BDS, they can still stand up for justice by refusing to take part in a festival that is being partially paid for by the government of Israel, and that supports injustice.  As the renowned French philosopher and political theorist Jacques Rancière said just last January:

"I accepted the invitation to contribute to the debate on the image, of a research group whose work on photography is closely related to the exposure of violations of the rights of the Palestinian people since the birth of the State of Israel.
The intervention of a group dedicated to uphold the boycott of Israeli academic institutions by foreign researchers has changed the meaning of this visit by making a breach of the boycott a public demonstration, namely support to the State that is responsible for these violations and the situation of oppression of the Palestinian people.
I am personally opposed to collective sanctions against all citizens of a State and against its researchers, without taking into account their own attitude towards the policy of this State. I have therefore neither respected nor violated a decision that I did not personally endorse. But it appears that in the present situation, the content of what I might say in response to the invitation that was sent to me has become completely secondary to this simple alternative, and due to my fatigue - I am not able to respond satisfactorily today to the dual demands of the situation that came into being.
I must therefore – thanking the people who invited me and whose invitation I accepted – offer to postpone the visit until thinking (reflecting on) about these issues has advanced and when I feel myself more able to give a politically and intellectually satisfying answer."
Ask these eleven artists to speak up for human rights, for democracy, and for the right of a person to return to their own home and land.  Meshell Ndegeocello (USA), Regina Carter (USA), Bobby McFerrin (USA), Daniela Mercury (Brazil), Dr. L. Subramaniam (India), Renaud-Garcia-Fons (France), Courtney Pine (UK), Danilo Perez (USA), Al Foster (USA), Steve Hackett (UK), and Oi Va Voi (UK).
A letter urging them to support justice is linked to here, it has been written by Israeli citizens who support the cultural boycott. (See
Meshell Ndegeocello (USA)!/officialmeshell

Regina Carter (USA)!/regina_carter

Bobby McFerrin (USA)!/bobbymcferrin

Daniela Mercury (Brazil)!/danielamercury

Dr. L. Subramaniam (India)

Renaud-Garcia-Fons (France)

Courtney Pine (UK)!/courtneypine1

Danilo Perez (USA)!/daniloperezjazz

Al Foster (USA)

Steve Hackett (UK)

Oi Va Voi (UK)!/oivavoimusic

Letter from Israeli citizens: