Monday, April 23, 2012

Devendra Banhart: Remembering artists who respect the boycott

Looking back... in mid June, 2010, California-based folk artist Devendra Banhart cancelled two gigs he had planned to play in apartheid Israel.  
Banhart stated “We love the land and people of Israel, and have been looking forward to our third show there with unimaginable anticipation. Unfortunately, we tried to make it clear that we were coming to share a human and not a political message but it seems that we are being used to support views that are not our own,” Banhart and the band said in a message posted on their Myspace page late Monday night.
“We will be overjoyed to return to Israel on the day that our presence is perceived and reported on as a cultural event and not a political one. We truly hope that day comes soon,” they added.

Its almost two years later, and Banhart has not rescheduled.  Many thanks to this courageous musician and along with him, there are many people who also hope that change will come soon.