Thursday, May 3, 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Links to OPEN LETTERS

The call for the Red Hot Chili Peppers has reached global proportions, with letters from the USA, France, Israel, Lebanon, and DPAI with members from Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia and more.  Thus far, the response from the Chili Peppers has been silence, with the exception of  Flea, who made a small comment on twitter saying (to the effect) that he loves all people.  A facebook page started in December called Red Hot Chili Peppers:  Defy Injustice, Cancel Israel continues to grow.  
The letters to the band keep coming, click here  ( links to more letters, including the SIX letters below.  

OPEN LETTER:  The USACBI created a petition using the letter written by Tali Shapiro, the letter & petition can be seen here  Add your name if you have not already, and you agree with the letter.

OPEN LETTER:  The group BOYCOTT! wrote to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in April highlighting Israel's use of bands to promote its own agenda.  The letter is here  

OPEN LETTER:  Lebanon's name is added to the list with a letter printed in Al-Akhbar on 25 April, by the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon.  The letter emphasized that just 4 days prior to playing in Israel, the band plans to play in Lebanon.  It states "The soil that Arabs have cultivated for centuries, in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, has been militarily occupied for decades by Israel."   See the letter here

OPEN LETTER:  BDS France publishes their letter on 3 May, asking the Red Hot Chili Peppers to cancel.  Translated:  "If you play in Tel Aviv, please do not forget that thousands of Palestinian young admirers, just a half an hour away, who will not have the right to listen to you just because Israel has confined them behind a monstrous wall of separation.  Will this not give you nausea on stage?  We believe that it should. Please: do not go there."     Read the letter at

OPEN LETTER:  DPAI write on 9 December, explaining the "CCFP" to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The letter also quoted the lyrics from Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky.  The American Indians are the Palestinians of North America.  The letter was published by the PACBI at 

OPEN LETTER :  Artists Against Apartheid appeal to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in this letter, linking the struggle to South Africa

On 25 April, the Jewish Journal gave added publicity to the campaign when it reported that 30 leading music executives in Hollywood met with the CCFP to discuss the powerful effect of the BDS movement and how they planned to counteract it.  This campaign and the facebook page were referred to: 
     But elsewhere, there may be trouble ahead. CCFP is already monitoring a situation arising with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, scheduled to perform in Israel in September, who have become the subject of an intense Internet campaign to cancel. If you Google “Red Hot Chili Peppers Israel” the third hit from the top is a Facebook page demanding the Peppers “Defy Injustice, Cancel Israel.” At press time, it had 700 “likes.”
Hannah Rochelle Schmeider, the president of Lyric Culture, implied she would do her part to combat BDS using apparel.  
BDS Frances asks Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Will this (wall) not give you nausea on stage?"