Friday, June 22, 2012

University SJPs: Getting it Right with Palestinian Students in Gaza

Now SJPs from all over can connect directly with Palestinian Students in Gaza. 

PSCABI thanks Students Confronting Apartheid @ Colombia U.  
SJPs exist at universities all over the country.  Twitter has long been used by many SJPs, indicating their willingness to connect with international solidarity activists.

What better way for university students to show solidarity and organize than connecting with students in Gaza, who are now seeking to expand their collaboration and participation in events and activities with students at universities around the world.

The collective of students that form the Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI) can be reached at and on facebook at  They are available to SJPs to share ideas, organize and strategize (via Skype or other technology) in remote events as well as in joint events.  They'd like to hear about SJP activities and provide information and narratives as Palestinian university students for SJPs to distribute.  They can provide access to voices speaking directly from besieged Gaza.  

A few of the many SJPs listed on twitter are here (many others are on facebook), showing the trend towards SJPs reaching out using social media:





As the siege on Gaza continues, many reports out of Gaza indicate that life is becoming more and more unbearable there.  Its a situation where international aid acts as only a loose band-aid over a bleeding wound.  The source of the problem had to be addressed, because the answer is not more aid, it is achieving freedom for the over 1.5 million people who must live in the open-air prison that is "Gaza."  For two years, students in Gaza forming the PSACBI (Palestinian Students Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel ) have been writing letters asking for both the cultural and academic boycott of Israel.  Some examples:

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