Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apartheid Israel: Lenny Kravitz is not Boycotting Israel, Be Reassured

In a huge affirmation of the success and impact of the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions of Israel) movement, scores of press releases reassured fans of Lenny Kravitz in Israel that Lenny does indeed adore Israel, though he does not have the time to perform for Israel in October.  
The cultural boycott by international musicians of Israel has gained recognition and notoriety through the fact that the Israeli media feels it must soothe and reassure the privileged  few who would have liked to attend Kravitz's concert, that the boycott was not involved in his cancellation.  
Kravitz was asked to cancel his concert by anti-apartheid supporters of the cultural boycott of Israel.  (See Signatures on a petition asked Kravitz to boycott the apartheid state.  A facebook page titled "Lenny Kravtiz:  Are You Gonna Go Apartheid's Way" seeks to inform Lenny and his fans about the realities on the ground for Palestinians living under Israel's suppression.  

The Jerusalem Post insists the cancellation was apolitical, and that Lenny "is 'personally disappointed' he had to cancel concert due to extended film-shooting schedule."
Y Net trumpets that Lenny recorded a video message to his fans in Israel, and that he "will be shooting a new film at the time and will probably be cancelling other European tour dates."
Shalom Life writes that "The 48-year-old singer/actor was forced to cancel the gig..."
Israel Hayom calms readers with the words that he "was expected "to hang out" in Israel after concert."
The Times of Israel boldly writes "Those close to Kravitz stressed that the Tel Aviv concert is not off altogether, but postponed to an as-of-yet unknown date." writes from Tel Aviv that the artist "also canceled additional performances in Bucharest, Romania; Zagreb, Croatia; Kiev, Ukraine, and Istanbul, Turkey"
Adam Chandler in The Scroll says "He even filmed a chintzy video roll out where he dropped a Shalom and threw up a peace sign."  Its with a tone of anger that Chandler writes "To be honest, this wasn't a huge story to begin with, so I’ll leave it to others to lead the boycott," suggesting that some might decide to boycott Kravitz for cancelling his Tel Aviv gig.  
Israel is unique in that when an artist schedules a gig within its apartheid confines, the official government almost always uses the artist as a form of public support through social media like twitter.  In July the band Jefferson Starship was used to re-Brand Israel and improve upon Israel's grim image with people worldwide. If Jefferson Starship does business as usual with Israel, then Israel is a normal state (that's the supposition).

Jennifer Lopez was also used in a similar though more deceitful manner, since she was only rumored to plan a gig in Israel, and she never scheduled a concert in Israel as of this date.