Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Paco Ibáñez Shows Support for Palestinians in Gaza

Paco Ibáñez, the Spanish singer and musician has shown support for human rights for Palestinians in Gaza.  Hundreds of supporters of the Swedish Ship to Gaza - the Estelle, gathered on the Basque port in San Sebastián, Spain, also known as Donostia in Basque, on the 26th of August, 2012.

Ibáñez used the Estelle’s deck as a stage, singing L’estaca, a popular song calling for unity of action to achieve freedom.  

The Estelle's voyage to Gaza is a much needed show of humanity, and stands as an important reminder to the world that Israel is imposing a barbaric siege on 1.7 million people.  More than half the population of Gaza are children under the age of 18.

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The Ship to Gaza’s Official Website published today:

One of the MPs who embarked Estelle south of the Greek islands earlier today, the Social Democrat MP and doctor, Sven Britton. He is joined by his parliamentary colleagues Aksel Hagen from Norway, Ricardo Sixto Iglesias, Spain, and Vangelis Diamandopoulos, Greece. Moreover, sails former Member of Parliament, Jim Manly from Canada, with Estelle.
Three Israeli citizens are also on board and participate in the attempt to break and lift the blockade.
Estelle is expected to enter Gaza this weekend.[1]

On 21 September, eighty Irish parliamentarians, in an unprecedented show of cross-party solidarity,  signed a statement supporting the SV Estelle's mission to break the siege on Gaza by Israel [2].

Fintan Lane of Gaza Action Ireland stated today in the GIA Press Statement:

Israel has no right to stop the Estelle and the ship should be allowed to bring its humanitarian cargo directly to the port of Gaza.
This inhuman blockade has gone on for far too long and must be ended.
The people of Gaza are entitled to their human rights and dignity just like people anywhere else. The Israeli siege is a politically motivated act of collective punishment and is entirely illegal under international law. The international community needs to be more robust in its opposition to this appalling blockade.”
“It is wonderful to see so many parliamentarians take a stand for human rights when governments won’t. We applaud those who boarded the Estelle off the Greek coast today.[3]

Last year Ibáñez sang in Basque at the Théâtre 71 in Malakoff, France.

Ibáñez performed in Israel nearly 50 years ago in 1962.  In 2005, Palestinian Civil Society called for a boycott of Israel. More information about the boycott can be found at www.pacbi.org

[1] Social Democrat MP Sven Britton sailing with Estelle to break blockade

[2]Unprecedented cross-party call by Irish politicians for an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza  http://www.ipsc.ie/press-releases/unprecedented-cross-party-call-by-irish-politicians-for-an-end-to-the-israeli-siege-of-gaza