Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, Zebda Releases One Life Less , and Faces Controversy

Zebda, Toulouse, France
Zebda is a highly successful French band of Algerian descent.  They have courageously released this single in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.  The release was warmly welcomed in France with comments on their facebook page:
Un chanson manifique ecrit d'un subjet tres important, peut être le subjet le plus important du monde - solidarité avec le peuple palestinien!

 Merci beaucoup, c'est une tres belle chanson. Votre solidarité est tres sympa :)
touchant...droit au coeur...sublimes paroles...superbes images...merci...
Chanson merveilleuse !!!
Magnifique, juste dommage qu'elle ne figure pas sur l'album!

But their generous and compassionate support for those under oppression has not come without controversy.  

Two weeks prior to the release of this single, Zebda was falsely criticised as being anti-Semitic.  A representative of CRIF (Council of Jewish Institutions in France) published an inaccurate article with strong tones of slander against the band, the writer, and the artists.  CRIF appears to be a group formed in France to monitor anything or anybody that criticises Israel's policies of apartheid and human rights abuses.  CRIF appears to act as a fear inducing bully in order to silence people who may want to express their disapproval of apartheid Israel.  Apparently CRIF likes to spread the lie that anyone who does not like Israel's policies must be anti-Semitic.

While CRIF seeks to defend injustice, Zebda seeks to show humble compassion for those oppressed.  Listen to this marvelous song and enjoy the amazing graphics, we've copied the heartfelt lyrics below.

Lyrics ( by Jean Pierre Filiu) :
I was born in a country that does not exist
I was born on a land that is no longer mine
A land that's autonomous only on paper
A land occupied, a land trampled upon
I was born to the walls and cries of joy
I was born after so many in the crowded camp
The sea was my boundary, my sanctuary
To forget settlers, blockade and misery
I grew up humming the melodies of exile
The thread of a tenacious hope even in this impasse
One day we will stand straight and have our place
We will have our place
We will have our place
I grew up too fast, torn between mourning and forgetting
I grew up spending my days with the infinite horizon
Hot sand below my feet carried me beyond
I will be so big so strong, so everyone can see me
I lived in Gaza without ever stepping out of it
I lived day by day without remorse or complaint
Despite barbed wires, curfews and tanks
I nurtured deep inside the dream to break away
The dream to break away
The dream to break away
I lived the human waves of the intifada
I lived marches and strikes rising flags
We sung our passion at the top of our voices
While they paraded their planes over us
I died, went the lie, from a stray bullet
I died, murdered by an unknown man
Who thought his duty to shoot through the fog
At enemy shadows with dwarfed weapons
I died like thousands others
Thousands before thousands after
I died an autumn evening during Ramadan
But I only wanted to live and be free
live free
I only wanted to be free
only wanted to be free
I only wanted to be free

Ali Guessoum & Natacha Bigan designed the graphics for UNE VIE DE MOINS or One Life Less.