Friday, November 23, 2012

Open letter: Alanis Morissette please show courage & cancel your gig in Israel

Open letter to Alanis Morissette from UC-Irvine and Lundt University-Center for Middle Eastern Studies Professor, Musician, and Writer, Mark LeVine, Ph.D 

Alanis, this is a disaster.

You have been a heroine of mine since your first album. Your artistic courage is indisputable. But for you to play Israel, now more than ever, betrays either incredible ignorance or incredible racism.

Israel's human rights violations and rank brutality against Palestinians can no longer be denied.

Among the most violated of Palestinians are women and children, who suffer disproportionately from its occupation and the death and destruction it has produced for nearly 50 years. If you actually care about women and children--Israelis as much as Palestinians--you must cancel your concert.

Playing Israel is playing Apartheid South Africa, except it's actually worse, as most anti-Apartheid activists who've visited Israel have declared.
Please show courage when it's needed most. 

Mark LeVine, PhD
UC-Irvine and Lundt University-Center for Middle Eastern Studies