Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Andreas Öberg Respects the Cultural Boycott of Israel

Swedish virtuoso guitarist Andreas Öberg has cancelled his planned gig in Tel Aviv, Israel, honoring the call for a cultural boycott of the apartheid state.  His gigs were planned for late December, and just days ago he posted on his facebook (full statement in screenshot below):
"Gig in Israel cancelled.  Important info regarding planned concerts in Israel.  My intention was only to play music as I believe it units people, I'm not interested in politics or taking a stand.  But since it seems like a sensitive subject to a lot of people I have made a decision not to play these concerts."  
The global movement for Palestinian human rights and the boycott of Israel congratulates Öberg on his choice to refrain from playing in Israel.

Öberg, age 34, started playing guitar from the age of eight and quickly became a global sensation, recording and giving concerts in the U.S, Europe and Asia. He is one of the most famous Benedetto players and his last CD “SIX STRING EVOLUTION” was published by Resonance Records in May 2010 and climbed quickly to the 15th place in the U.S. jazz charts.
In the creation of the CD, he joined together great artists such as John Ftitotchi, Lewis Nash, Dave Kicosi and Darmon Meader.
In recent years Öberg worked on his own projects and also often appear in different styles with many artists such as Les Paul, Toots Tillmans, Shirley LaGrainne, Larry Koriil, Barbara Hendricks, John Fisano, Martin Taylor, Stuart hem, Danny Gottlieb, Jimmy Rosenberg, Frank Vignola, Bucky Fizareli, Howard Alden, Ulf Waknios, Joey Dfrnche’sko, Mark Murphy, Stotche’lo Rosenberg, AngeloDebrra, Florin Niculescu and many more.
Öberg also participated in making the album “Resonance Big Band” which won a Grammy in 2010.
Among his other musical pursuits, 
Öberg is a teacher and lecturer at the Institute of musicians in Hollywood (GIT under its previous name).