Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BDS Switzerland asks Erik Truffaz to refrain playing in Israel

The BDS movement in Switzerland has written an open letter to jazz musician Erik Truffaz, asking him to decline an invitation to play at the 2013 Winter Red Sea Jazz Festival in Israel.
The meaning of boycott of apartheid

Geneva, Basel, January 2, 2013 
Dear Sir, This letter is after several attempts to make personal contact with you. Proponents of dialogue in the public sphere, activists Swiss the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) are now directed to you through this open letter.The BDS campaign was launched in 2005 by a representative range of associations of Palestinian civil society (1). Palestinian artists and intellectuals have also appealed to their colleagues from around the world to join in the denunciation of the regime which Palestinians suffer under Israeli military occupation (PACBI) (2). We recently learned that you programmed Winter Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat.But the BDS movement denounces this event one of the major cultural institutions used by the Israeli regime to polish its image abroad and to divert the attention of public opinion to its policy of oppression. since more 60 years, Israel is in Palestine a methodical policy of colonization. Few remember that the city of Eilat, where prompted, then called Umm Rashrash. Its Aboriginal population was expelled in March 1949 by the Israeli army (3). Since then, colonization continues unabated, in defiance of international law. In retaliation for UN recognition of the right of Palestine to statehood, Israel announced yet, there are only a few weeks, the construction of 3,000 new illegal units around Jerusalem and the West Bank. At the same time, Israel continues construction of the Wall in the West Bank, which the Palestinians locked in a giant vise. West Bank residents who love your music simply will not have the right to attend your concert in Eilat. It is the same for millions of Palestinian refugees, banned from returning to their homes. For the people of Gaza, it's even worse. Living under blockade since 1995, they suffer with impunity scale military assault. As for the Palestinians who live in Israel, they are governed by special laws, which make them second-class citizens. A growing number of them are deprived of their residence permit and are pushed into the occupied territories. We call all this apartheid, a political system as a crime against humanity under international law. (4) It is this policy that more and more artists and intellectuals are now refusing to lend their prestige and talent: Natacha Atlas, Judith Butler, Brian Eno, Naomi Klein, Mike Leigh, Annie Lennox, Ken Loach, Massive Attack, Maxi Jazz, the Pixies, Cat Power, Carlos Santana, the late Gil Scott Heron, Snoop Dog, Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Cassandra Wilson, etc.., and most recently Stevie Wonder. In 2012, several artists announced for Eilat canceled their participation in the jazz festival, the group Tuba Skinny, who explained in a comprehensive manner the decision musicians (5). This year, the British quartet Portico canceled his participation in the festival, hoping that other musicians join them in their decision. (6) In Switzerland, more than 170 artists and cultural actors in 2011 expressed their refusal to participate in promotional activities such as the State of Israel does not respect the human rights of the Palestinian people. Among the members of this commitment include among others Pascal Auberson, Fabienne Berger, Jean-Luc Bideau, The Gale Goretta Claude Francis Reusser, La Ribot, François Rochaix and Alain Tanner (7). Dear Sir, for many fans you regularly follow your artistic career reflects a humanistic approach.We believe that you can understand the aspiration of the Palestinian people for justice, freedom and equality. That is why we believe that you can be sensitive to the direction of his call to boycott a peaceful form of pressure aimed at making society aware that Israeli policies are intolerable in its name from a State wants civilized. hesitate to contact us using the contact details provided in the margin and send you, Dear Sir, Yours sincerely. CH BDS Contact: