Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Israel: PAGAN'S MIND not cancelling due to the boycott, stay calm

Yet another band has had to cancel their gig in Israel, due to medical reasons.  Six days prior to the Jan 11 scheduled Tel Aviv gig, the band PAGAN'S MIND has to scrap concert plans.  This happens in the music industry.  But what does not happen is, that the band records a special video just to reassure fans of a particular state.  
But Israel is different.  Israeli fans of the Norweigan heavy metal group PAGAN'S MIND, are reassured that the cancellation is not due to the cultural boycott.  
There are times when bands have cancelled, giving no reason, and not issued videos, and the anger against the cancelling band has been seething.   Tempers run high when bands cancel, especially when they decide to stand in solidarity with Palestinians, and endorse Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Two days ago, this statement appeared on the bands official website: 

Pagan’s Mind will be canceling their January 11 show in Tel Aviv, Israel, as bassist Steinar Krokmo fell ill with a bad flue.
“On behaf of myslef and the other members I want to thank the fans and the promoter for the patience and understanding,” said vocalist Nils K. Rue, in a statement released on YouTube, “We hope to make up for this show as soon as possible.”
Read full statement from Facebook below:
“We regretfully have to postpone the scheduled show with LEPROUS in Tel Aviv on 11. January 2013. Steinar has spent the last week in hospital, and is still in treatment although no longer in intensive care.
We are not able to regroup in time for the planned departure to Israel.
In talks with the Israeli promoter, we have decided to postpone the show until further notice. We want to thank the fans and promoter for their patience and understanding, and hopes to make up for this show as soon as possible.”

2/27/2013 UPDATE:  Pagan's Mind has cancelled Israel a second time.  This time their 16 March gig is trashed.  Circus Maximus also will not play Tel Aviv.