Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest Attempt to Metalwash Israel: ENSLAVED of Norway

Enslaved, a progressive black metal band from Norway, appears eager to perform in apartheid Israel, in blatant disregard of the boycott in support of human rights for Palestinians under Israeli occupation.  The band has announced their Tel Aviv gig on facebook with much fanfare. 
Larsen on keyboards:  Was he aware of the boycott?

Israeli promoter Yishai Sweartz openly claims that the performance is a move by the Norwegian Embassy in Israel to show that they stand with Israel's side.  A youtube video (below) published just days ago shows the members of Enslaved, Ivar Bjørnson, Grutle Kjellson, Arve Isdal, Cato Bekkevold and Herbrand Larsen in front of the camera.  Four members nod in agreement that they are happy to come to play in Tel Aviv for the first and hopefully not the last time.  Only Herbrand Larsen, keyboard and vocalist, stares stoically into the camera, seemingly unable to nod in agreement like the older, veteran members.

Israeli promoter Yishai Sweartz states:
"It's a great honor to welcome ENSLAVED to Israel...
...The show is supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Israel and I'd like to use the opportunity to thank them for believe in the band and stand by our side."

UPDATE 29 January:  The Embassy of Norway appears as a sponsor on this poster announcing ENSLAVED in Tel Aviv.  How many Norwegian citizens would be happy to know their tax dollars help to support bringing a metal band to apartheid Israel?
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