Friday, January 4, 2013

Lollapalooza Israel Lineup Unlisted, Tickets not for Sale

Israel has been added to the Lollapalooza annual music festival locations. It is not surprising that Lolla Israel appears to be set apart from Lolla Brazil, Lolla Chile and Lolla Chicago.  Featured bands are listed and tickets are already up for sale for Lolla in the US, Chile, and Brazil, but they are not listed for Israel.  

The question is whether the featured bands will even consider playing apartheid Israel, thereby breaking the boycott.  Bands making the rounds include Pearl Jam, The Shins, Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, deadmau5, Planet Hemp, and many more.  

A grassroots campaign is already underway dedicated to letting musicians know about the boycott.  A facebook page titled "Lollapartheid Israel: Artists of Conscience, Respect the Boycott"  asks artists of conscience who respect human rights and justice  to boycott Lollapalooza Israel, which is planned for 2012 August 20-23.  

UPDATE:  Organizers reported that due to their inability to book big name bands, Lollapalooza Israel has been cancelled.  See related links in the mainstream media.