Sunday, January 6, 2013

OPEN LETTER to Polish Jazz group Motion Trio: Boycott Israel

The latest group being asked to respect the cultural boycott of Israel is Motion Trio.  The polish accordian trio consists of Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek, and Marcin Gałażyn.  The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign of Poland has written a compelling open letter to the band, reports are out that the band is aware of appeals to boycott Israel on their facebook.  There is no way to press "delete" to the fact that the cultural boycott is growing.  The flailing Israel Red Sea Jazz Festival is not a festival for jazz artists of conscience.  The anti-apartheid trend is on the rise amongst musicians.  More and more do not want to break the cultural boycott.  Check out this google translation of the open letter or view the original at

To write to Motion Trio:
We also encourage you to send the call to the band's facebook account.
Dear Motion Trio
We would like to kindly ask you to consider canceling their participation in the festival " Red Sea Jazz Festival ". Our deep concerns about the fact that the cultural event is used to hide the Israeli policy of apartheid.
We believe it is my duty to inform you that taking part in the above. festival in the case of progressive occupation can be considered as a political act and express support for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian politics
The presence in Israel is rejecting international boycott, and the share will be interpreted as a vote of confidence for the Israeli policy of oppression. It is the international policy of silence practiced by governments around the world has prompted the Palestinians to issue a call for a boycott of Israel, to the time when the country starts to respect international law, including numerous UN resolutions.
Culture in this case is treated as a tool to cover up violence, staying focused on human rights and civil rights, the absolute occupation and apartheid policies. We believe it is unethical to take part in events organized or co-financed by the State of Israel, the occupier of Palestine, given the very fact of occupation, especially its violent nature and number of violations of international law.
Red Sea Jazz Festival is sponsored, among others by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism , which on its maps derives 60% of the West Bank (occupied by Israel since 1967) as the area of Israel, thus violating international law (resolutions
The Israeli Ministry of Culture, which also sponsors the festival appeal condemned Israeli artists of 2010, in which they refused to performances in the cultural center located in the illegal Israeli settlement Ariel on the Palestinian Occupied Territories (the West Bank). http://www. / Israel / Article.aspx id = 186854 )
Other sponsors such as Eilat Sea Port has a direct relationship with the Israeli government, which is responsible for the human rights of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, violations of international law and human rights (including the Fourth Geneva Convention).
You should refuse to participate in maintaining a façade of normality Israel.
Writing these words, we are confident that the contacts associated with travel logistics, the hosts of Israel did not inform you that less than 300 miles north of the venue which you are invited, 2.5 million Palestinians live under an absolute occupation of the West Bank . They are surrounded by the apartheid wall illegal and regularly harassed by armed soldiers. Those people living under Israeli military regime will not be able to participate in this festival, because Israel prevents them from moving freely even after the West Bank. They can not even dream about it, to visit Eilat. Hundreds of regular and arbitrarily lays down checkpoints are created solely for the Palestinians effectively prevent any movement after their own land.
His performance in the Red Sea Jazz Festival has already appealed Stanley Jordan and Andreas Oberg.
Cultural Boycott of Israel as a form of peaceful opposition to human rights abuses of Palestinians support a number of well-known and respected artists. Among them are South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu - Nobel Peace Prize winner, directors Ken Loach and Jean-Luc Godard , and musicians Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), The Pixies, Faithless, Elvis Costello, Macy Gray, and Cassandra Wilson.
We urge you to respect the UN resolutions and international laws condemning the policy of the State of Israel and the planned withdrawal from participation in the festival.
For more information:
The report of the Israeli Committee Against Wyburzeniom
Report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) regarding the impact of life settlement policy  
Report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) regarding the impact of separation wall on Palestinian life:
The annual report regarding human rights in the occupied territories Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem :
[The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign of Poland]