Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stanley Jordan stands with Palestinians, cancelling gig at Israel's Jazz Festival

By DPAI (UK, London, Australia, USA) 

BREAKING: American jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and pianist Stanley Jordan has decided to respect the cultural boycott of Israel, and cancel his planned appearance as the headlining artist for the Israel Red Sea Jazz Festival (his image was used to create publicity posters in Hebrew for the state-funded event).  
Jordan engaged in a long discussion on his facebook fan page with many people including Palestinians.  He initially chose not to respect the cultural boycott call but rather perform in Israel, and then hold a special event later on in the year to promote justice for Palestinians.  

There is an outpouring of support for his decision to cancel (see screenshot below).

Jordan's cancellation comes on the heels of cancellations by other Jazz musicians who have taken an anti-apartheid stand, refusing to play at the same festival.  Both Portico Quartet and Andreas Öberg  refused to play in Israel.  

Groups in France and Switzerland are asking Erik Truffaz to refrain playing in Israel.  A Dutch group has asked Yuri Honing to also cancel.  Both campaign links are below: