Saturday, February 16, 2013

On Boycotting Israel & Depeche Mode

When a mega band like Depeche Mode schedules a gig in Israel, the Israeli branding machine begins to crank ahead at full speed.  The Official State Twitter of Israel engages, along with the Israeli press, and the false notion that Israel is a haven of culture speaks to the outside world, while inside Israel, the population is  lulled into the misleading notion that all is well. 

But all is not well, and the images in this recently released video speak volumes.  We watch how the Palestinian population that is dominated by Israel is treated no better than cattle at dusty checkpoints under the hot sun.  Soldiers push the elderly around, and homes are deliberately destroyed using specially equipped bulldozers.  The horrendous illegal apartheid wall is shown tearing apart a village, separating family and neighbors from their livelihoods.  A young boy is pulled away from his mother and taken away by fully armed Israeli Occupation Soldiers.  Children look down at a dreary view of a checkpoint flanked by the hideous wall.  "Arbitrary arrests, Torture" "Palestinian civil society struggles against all this.  It asks you for one simple act: Depeche Mode, cancel your concert in Israel.  Boycott Apartheid."  Neomily uploaded the original video on Vimeo.  
A petition was recently started, as a symbolic gesture, to let fans of Depeche Mode know about the cultural boycott.  Thus far, signers have shown support from all over the world.  People who support BDS have signed from Italy, England, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Jordan, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain.