Friday, May 3, 2013

Plugfest Israel Has Been Unplugged! No #ArtsAppropriated for these Artists!

by DPAI (UK, Australia, Ireland, USA)

It comes as welcome news to the global BDS movement that Plugfest Israel has been cancelled.  

The Plugfest cancellation is extremely significant, especially as Plug Productions initiated Plugfest to replace their failed Lollapalooza attempt.
Both were attempts to be Israel’s first ever international music festival, proving the boycott is so suc
cessful that a large number of musicians refrain from performing in Israel. 

Plug Productions were initially in denial that Lollapalooza was cancelled. Are they again in denial that they couldn't get sufficient Plugfest artists to breach the boycott?

Azealia Banks, who frequently tweets themes of woman's empowerment, had been the featured artist on posters for the failed event.  Banks was aware of the boycott and reasons for it.  Pressure was intense for her to play apartheid Israel, a video on youtube (link below) with exceptionally high production values for a group of young girls prompts speculations that the video was a propaganda effort used by the state. (These tactics were used in the past with pinkwashing efforts.)

!!! Chk Chk Chk was well-informed about the necessity for boycott from within the music industry along with appeals from BDS advocates.

Tiger Love planned to also play in Tel Aviv on May 17th at the Reading 3, this gig has also been cancelled, thank you Tiger Love!

Jessie Ware, mentioned in the above tweet screenshot, is a frequent interactive twitter user and she was aware of the boycott.

Other artists that will not be playing Israel due to the failed Plugfest include Lee Scratch Perry, Water Knot, John Talabot, CSS, 2ManyDJs and Tinariwen. (see list at

It may well be that sufficient performers withdrew their performances, leaving the organisers no option but to cancel another festival, not long after Lollapalooza music festival in Israel was cancelled!

The global boycott campaign has successfully informed many bands and performers and is now known even more widely than before these aborted attempted festivals.
See facebook page Unplug Apartheid Plugfest for updates on artists who support the boycott.

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Possible pro-Israel propaganda effort video 212- Azealia banks Music Video Cover