Monday, June 17, 2013

A Reply to the Pet Shop Boy Neil's Comment

by DPAI (UK, Australia, Ireland, USA)
Neil of the Pet Shop Boys states his opinion
recently on the Official Blog of the Pet Shop Boys.  With a gig less than a week away in Tel Aviv, we hope to help inform Neil and the band about Israel’s crime of apartheid, which is widespread and rooted in Israeli law, public policy and formal institutions.

From Archbishop Desmond Tutu:
"I have been to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and I have witnessed the racially segregated roads and housing that reminded me so much of the conditions we experienced in South Africa under the racist system of Apartheid. I have witnessed the humiliation of Palestinian men, women, and children made to wait hours at Israeli military checkpoints routinely when trying to make the most basic of trips to visit relatives or attend school or college, and this humiliation is familiar to me and the many black South Africans who were corralled and regularly insulted by the security forces of the Apartheid government."

From Adalah:
"There are more than 50 Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel in all areas of life, including their rights to political participation, access to land, education, state budget resources, and criminal procedures."

"Israel’s policies in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) are tantamount to Apartheid, and additionally determine that many state policies within Israel also violate the prohibition on Apartheid as enshrined in Article 3 of the Convention."

From the Jury of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, Cape Town, Nov, 2011:
"This discriminatory regime manifests in varying intensity and forms against different categories of Palestinians depending on their location. The Palestinians living under colonial military rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are subject to a particularly aggravated form of apartheid. Palestinian citizens of Israel, while entitled to vote, are not part of the Jewish nation as defined by Israeli law and are therefore excluded from the benefits of Jewish nationality and subject to systematic discrimination across the broad spectrum of recognized human rights. Irrespective of such differences, the Tribunal concludes that Israel’s rule over the Palestinian people, wherever they reside, collectively amounts to a single integrated regime of apartheid."

The South African ANC Chairperson, Baleka Mbete, strongly stated at a conference in Pretoria that she has been to Palestine herself and that the Israeli regime is not only comparable but “far worse than Apartheid South Africa.

For a compilation and more information see "Israeli Apartheid is Worse Than Apartheid Practised By White South Africa."