Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meshell Ndegeocello to Alicia Keys: Israel was very difficult

Meshell Ndegeocello tweets to Alicia Keys that going to Israel was a very difficult experience, and that she does not think she will ever go again.  The 44 year old American singer-songwriterrapperbassist, and vocalist performed in Israel last year, in spite of the Palestinian-led call for a cultural boycott of the apartheid state, Israel.  Ndegeocello has not offered to write an open letter to Alicia Keys, who plans to violate the boycott call on 4 July, 2013 to sing in Tel Aviv.

UPDATE:  Ndegeocello tweets to Alicia Keys:
all can would say is alicia inform yourself understand that you are world wide voice to many a true celebrity