Thursday, March 27, 2014

Campaign Asking Rolling Stones to Boycott Israel Far-Reaching

Rolling Stones asked to Boycott Israel 
"Yeah, I know the Rolling Stones."
                                      -8 yr. old boy
Is there any generation that is not familiar with the band The Rolling Stones?  
The Scholastic Book of World Records has the Stones listed as the world's top-earning band in 2005.  That figure is 67 million dollars.
That is part of the reason why the Stones gig in Israel, though paying them the phenomenal amount of 6 million, is about BDS. 
In these days when we hear calls for boycotts from around the world, it's not taken for granted that a band of this magnitude will come to Israel. -Israeli Promoter Mr. Weiss who booked The Stones (source, London Evening Standard)
Rolling Stones asked to Boycott  Israel
The Israeli promoter will most likely take a financial loss, but the GAIN will be that Israel can claim that musicians of high stature and notability are willing to conduct business as usual with Israel.  The Stones are not willing to heed the boycott call, they caved in to the pressure of the Israeli promoter, who stated himself that he has been working most of his career just to book the band.  
By now, many in the entertainment industry, from Los Angeles to Paris to London, are aware of the Stones' gig in Israel.  They are also, due to the growing movement to boycott Israel, now aware of the call for BDS.  Never before has the call to boycott Israel become so mainstream that newswires and other major news sources report on it with regularity.  
That human rights for Palestinians are now a global concern is a very good thing for everybody.  The goal of the boycott is justice, and justice will eventually prevail.