Thursday, July 17, 2014

Israeli Trance Scene: Isle of Dreams is Just a Dream

Israeli trance fans won't revel in trance music this August with Avicii, Maxwell, Afrojack, Above & Beyond, Alesso, R3hab, Ingrosso and tens of others.  
The Isle of Dreams trance music festival planned for August 7, 8, and 9 in Israel has been cancelled.  Trance music is immensely popular in Israel, and this was a highly anticipated festival featuring the top names in trance music.  Several trance artists have been called on to boycott Israel since the inception of Trance Addicts Against Apartheid in 2013.  The cancellation is welcome by boycott activists because it gives artists more time to learn about Palestine and the BDS movement and decide not to reschedule if they choose to.  It also allows Israeli trance fans to realize in a concrete way that life and trance music do not go on as usual when Israel massacres hundreds of refugees in Gaza.  

According to Trance Addicts Against Apartheid: "...the scale and influence [of trance music] is so massive that the country [Israel] is now credited with being the birthplace of "Full on", a form of psychedelic trance. While freedom of expression and a jubilant state of mind sit at the heart of trance music, Israel is anything but to Palestinians whose daily lives are subject to an apartheid system that denies them the basic rights and freedoms to live on their lands, to mobility, to education among other denied rights. Trance's deep roots in Israel have only helped to normalize Israel's false image among trance artists and trance fans as a country that is progressive, democratic, ordinary, and peaceful. Israel's list of violations of human rights go unnoticed. Israel's continuing siege on Gaza and control of the West Bank subjects millions of people to a cruel, unjust system of oppression that has been called worse than South Africa's former apartheid."