Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Internationals Won't Appear at Israeli Boom Box Festival: Event Completely Cancelled

Boycott Israel:  Wyclef Jean with wife Claudinette
Israeli fans of Wyclef Jean won't be rocking while Gaza is burning on August 14 in Hadera, Israel. The entire Boom-Box Festival has been cancelled.  Boom Box organizers claim they will reschedule the event, but international musicians of conscience are urged to join the cultural boycott of Israel and commit to NOT rescheduling.  
Boom Box organizers have openly declared their support for IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) soldiers that are brutally massacring hundreds of children in Gaza.  Boom Box organizers are happy to mix music with Israeli pro-Zionist politics.

Boom Box Mixing Music with Ethnic Cleansing 
Boom Box had also featured US Rapper Talib Kweli.  On July 1, Kweli used twitter to publicly announce his choice to honor the cultural boycott of Israel.  Using twitter, he announced “As much as I want to play Israel, I have decided not to in solidarity with Palestinians who will not have access to my show."[1]

Normalization and Denial of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing 

Last April, Wyclef Jean joined with Israeli musician David Broza to create a video for "peace."  Jean sings in the opening track "Same face in the Gaza is the same face I see out in California." [2] Except the Gaza face is being torn apart or burnt by the Israeli face.  The faces of over 400 (that number climbs every day) beautiful Palestinian children have been frozen in death by the Israelis.  Jean's effort in co-creating "East Jerusalem - West Jerusalem" is categorized as normalization.  Israel's crime of apartheid and ethnic cleansing is denied and the Palestinian call for solidarity through the cultural boycott of Israel is ignored.  

Israel:  No Place to Headline

All artists, including Wyclef Jean, are urged to refrain from playing in Israel.  They are encouraged to join people of conscience everywhere who advocate for the cultural boycott of Israel.  
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