Sunday, August 10, 2014

Israeli Mass Media Portrays Gaza Massacre as Charming Summertime Project for Twenty-Somethings

Heeding the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of Israel often takes immense courage, but it also means that in the future, thousands of innocent lives may be spared.
Writing messages on bombs used to kill civilians in Gaza.

Recently, marches in Tel Aviv blocked streets while Israeli youths chanted in favor of mass death amounting to genocide: [1]
They’ll take their papers away.
Olé, olé, olé-olé-olé
In Gaza there’s no studying
No children are left there…
Another young Israeli bragged that he killed 13 children in Gaza.  He used instagram to further threaten the deaths of more people. [2]

A chilling video emerges

This chilling video emerged[3], showing soldiers joyously playing games and eating sushi take-out. Flirty girls who need “refreshing” with outdoor hair-washes appear as if they are just one step above a girl-scout camp trip away from mom and dad. (0:55 Yes, they even [my parents] came to visit).

This Israeli media video report depicts Israeli mass murderers as normal. [1] Upbeat music accompanies this video, created for Israel public consumption, and released on 3 Aug 2014 via Israeli Channel 2 in Hebrew. The BDS movement has added English subtitles to expose the blatant disregard for human life as seen on the pert -often jovial- faces of these young Israelis participating in genocide.
At 1:17 an Israeli female soldier confirms she with the other 20 female soldiers in that particular military base fire missiles on Gaza every 2 minutes. With such frequency for sure these female soldiers are committing war crimes in which Palestinian babies and mothers are being massacred.
Their pleasure in destroying Gaza is shown in their facial expression and language, as well as the messages they inscript on the bombs.
From 2:45 the Israeli propaganda film shows the most banal messages being inscripted on the bombs that will kill Palestinians in Gaza.
At 2:57 one of the male soldiers tells about having a birthday (translation: "My birthday, birthday 24, she dedicated a bomb for me" and shows a very long hand written message on a bomb and concludes with "Fantastic.”)
At 3:03 one of the female soldiers tells about another bomb message:
"On this one I wrote this for not having a shower for a week"
(Hebrew: "על זאת כתבתי: 'זה על זה שלא התקלחתי שבוע")

Almost manic happiness as IOF soldiers bomb Gaza and play games.
Would any conscientious musician really want to appease and entertain these mass murderers?  When artists and others ignore the Palestinian call for boycott, the message is clear to these young Israeli war criminals:  Business as usual.  We are not being held to account for our crimes.