Friday, August 22, 2014

OPEN LETTER: Join the Cultural Boycott of Israel, Lady Gaga

Bocyott Israel, Lady Gaga.
Mohammed El Kurd recently wrote this open letter to Lady Gaga, asking her to support the boycott.
Please don’t come to Israel, Lady Gaga.
So, I’m a huge fan of yours. I just want to tell you that you absolutely changed, and saved my life. You helped me accept who I am and help me find the beauty and the good in me. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be alive.

My name is Mohammed, I’m 16 and I’m from Jerusalem, Palestine. And my dream is to meet you, but also I have other dreams like: freedom, safety & having an independent political identity. 67 years ago ‘Israel’ was (and still duh) Palestine, people lived in peace here, just like any other country. But in 1948 the British government decided to give Palestine to Israeli people to live in like, ‘it was a land with no people for people with no land’, but the trouble was is that there is already people in this land; us, the Palestinians. So during the great catastrophe 15th of May 1948 (Which is also my birth day, wow) thousands of Palestinians were brutally murdered, thrown away from their homes, and a lot of them left the country.

It was horrible, but the hard part is that it’s still going on. For example: Israeli settlers and their government took my house, made me homeless (well I live with my grandma now but yea), among side with thousands of other Palestinians. But some cases are even harder, a lot of us get arrested or get killed just for being Palestinians. Our lands get stolen, our olive trees get demolished and our dreams get torn apart. And what they say that is their excuse for doing this that they’re the chosen people of god. But god is no real estate agent, is he?

You sing about love and compassion & how we all should belong together. Not hurt one another, well, Israel isn’t that it’s a war criminal. it has nothing to do peace. I do understand that it is not our fault – your fans here. But boycotting Israel would make such a difference, arguably.

If you do come here, I invite you to my house, because it is my dream to meet you. But also, because you need to see what has been going on in here. I want to invite you into the Palestinian spirit. I want you to see the struggle that we go through. I need you more than anything. It kills me living in a country where the existence of my identity is denied. And seeing the person I love the most; you support or just stay silent about that kills me, it hurts me inside that you may not understand what’s going on in here, but hey you can always try. The only person that knows what fire feels like is the person who’s burned. I’ll be here fighting through every second of my life for my freedom. Please do the right thing to do. Take a walk in my life. Try walking in my shoes, what would you do if you, Papa Joe, Cynthia & Natalie got thrown out of your house, would you sing for the person who stole your house?

Here’s a link for a documentary of me called “My Neighborhood” this was in 2011 and it shows what happened here.