Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flash Mob for Gaza Sends Powerful Message and Ends to Applause

(Bosa, Sardinia) Sounds of bombing, a woman falls to the ground, more bombing, people strewn about the square.  A lone trumpeter walks amongst the bodies of young people, men, and women.  An interested crowd gathers.
Families initially react with shock, covering their children's ears, then interest, and finally applause.  
This flash mob tells the story of Israel's massacre of Gaza, in the context of our everyday lives.  It is unsettling because it brings home a piece of the horror that Israel inflicted on the entire population of Gaza.  The death toll is an alarming 2,168: 521 Children and 297 Women.  
The BDS Movement recently explained:
...on August 2nd 2014, three days after the occupation forces bombed the designated UN humanitarian shelter in Jabalya refugee camp, killing 20 civilians and wounding at least 150 people as they slept, the US Congress approved $225 million in additional military aid to Israel. The following day, the occupation forces bombed another UN shelter in Rafah killing ten civilians and injuring dozens. Also during the massacre, Germany sold Israel an attack submarine with nuclear capability, and Britain refused to freeze its arms sales to Israel. These and other forms of criminal complicity from world governments and official bodies pave the way for Israel’s ongoing genocidal attacks. It is up to people of conscience and all those who seek peace with justice worldwide to make sure this complicity ends now.
From small port towns like Bosa, Sardinia to New York City:  Boycott Israel!